We offer a range of services to help you optimise your digital presence.


Content design and web services

Web content - everyone can do it, right?

Sadly, not. And writing great content for the web is especially difficult. People read differently on the web. They understand differently on the web. And organisations can't assume everyone looking at their website shares the same first language or cultural, social and educational background.

Content almost always gets treated as an afterthought - a huge strategic mistake, as content is the information and message organisations are trying to give their audiences.

Syntropics founder and lead consultant Aimee Whitcroft has led the highly acclaimed and influential Govt.nz content design team, and understands what it takes to make content great and websites work.

We can help you:

  • audit your existing web presence (or design your new one)

  • plan out what content you need (and what you don't)

  • write / edit / proof (or train people to do so), including in HTML and Markdown

  • learn how to write content in plain English, and make sure it's both accessible AND usable

  • design or improve the information architecture of your site

  • design or improve the content types and content model your site needs

  • decide which web services you need to use, and how to integrate them (ie technical roadmaps).

We can also advise you on social media channels, and how best to use them.

Need a brand new site? We can help you there, too: from planning what you need, to building and launching it.